Sofia Breathes Festival thanks all its partners for their support for the 2017 edition. Their help allows us to expanse the festival's scope and the continuity of the festival.

For a second consecutive year Right Rentals is the company that is a key partner of Sofia Breathes Festival. As a socially responsible company and focused on supporting cultural development, healthy lifestyle and sport, Right Rentals through its activity - renting fast-moving tents and temporary structures, furniture and event equipment, helps the beautiful vision of the festival and the practical solutions for its participants. Right Rentals partners with organizers of corporate, private, cultural, sporting and socially oriented events.

Law Office "POPOV & PARTNERS" carries out constitutional activity for legal assistance and protection of the rights and legal interests of its clients - Bulgarian and foreign physical and juridical persons, foreign companies and financial institutions.

For a second year, the European Mobility Week (EMW) will be presented with an attractive stand at the Sofia Breathes Festival. On 26th and 27th of August, festival's guests will be able to take a ride with a tandem bicycle and thus join the rational mobility campaign that this year relies on sharing information, platforms and vehicles. The motto of the initiative is "Together we get farther" and that's what will be challenged to confirm the photos with the participants.

Binding Bulgaria works with the best German, Czech and Spanish breweries and offers a special selection of camp, pilsner, alee and weiss beers, a variety of light, dark, red, semi-dark beer as well as a selection of accessories and gift sets for real connoisseur of the beer. Binding Bulgaria will refresh us during Sofia Breathes 2017.

For a second consecutive year, Decathlon Bulgaria joins as a partner of the Sofia Breathes Festival. They will take care of the rich sports program in August. Decathlon Bulgaria offers products for more than 60 sports such as their 20 brands, each specialized in a particular sport or sports group as well as international brands. During Sofia Breathes 2017 Decathlon Bulgaria will offer various types of sports for both kids and adults, including sports attractions and professional demonstrations.


Sofia Breathes Festival also thanks its media partners for the great media interest and good coverage in 2017. Visit our media partners websites as well as our website for everything about the festival and the process of this year's edition. And thanks to our media partners this year we will also offer many surprises for all residents and guests of Sofia.

The first and only private radio station in Bulgaria with a national license started its program on January 21, 1993, exactly at 12 o'clock. Today, Darik is the most authoritative private radio in the country, an ever-changing media that holds on its legacy, innovative management, dynamic marketing ideas, creativity. The "40 to 40" project is saturated with many positive emotions generated by the previous over 120 honors, by the whole team behind the realization of the idea and by all who believe in it. In order to compile the list of the 40 young leaders, Darik needs the support of all who have in their circles or themselves, people with a flame of eye change. This can be done through a public nomination in a special platform on the site

Radio Family believe that children have the right to their own media - where their music, their voices and their shows, their fairy tales are aired. They imagine it and so the first children's radio appears. They bring together over 800 favorite children's songs, fairy tales from all over the world, and shows that develop the imagination and provoke curiosity. They believe that children have the right to qualitative content, so they strive to create beautiful dramas and movies to think about meaningful programs. They believe in partnerships because children have the talent to collect us. So there are great campaigns and shows in their program.

Radio FM + starts broadcasting in Sofia at 17:16 on October 15, 1992. It is the first private radio in Bulgaria, created by Petar Punchev, Konstantin Tilev, Kiril Kalev and Boycho Avtov. The station received the first private radio license in Bulgaria and broadcast on October 15 on the air in Sofia. Over the years, it has grown to a national radio network and currently reaches over 16 cities in the country.

Sofia Plays is the most read website for places and events for children in Sofia. For parents who like to search. For parents who like to play. For the parents who love. Sofia Play want to make a city with places and events in which we want to raise our children.

City® Info Guides is a cultural and tourist edition for the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Bourgas. The magazines offer both useful information on accommodation, eating, entertainment and business in the capital of Bulgaria, offering an interesting view of the way of life in the country, traditions and culture, as well as maps of cities and urban transport.